Can I copy from the competition?

In fact, nobody can stop you from doing so, except copyright. The truth is, however, that you will not help yourself and you will not harm your competition. Today’s search engines index the content and know who first wrote the text, and they consider this in ratings and penalizations.


At least, copy smart

Do not copy, just get inspiration. Check what keywords competitors use, read their content and compare it with yours. Create a new content that may be similar, but it has to tell your story, use your words, the tone and the style you have chosen yourself and your site.

The fact that the competition is ahead of you in the search engine does not mean that when you copy it, you will be second or, even better, first. With the right adjustment and formulations, however, you can take a lead ahead of your competitors, not only in search engines, but also in clients opinion.

Do you want the “copy”? We will command the alphabet for you to create amazing, self-explaining texts.


Do not copy documents and pictures

Beware of copying materials, some may subject to copyright. The fact that someone else claims materials to be free does not always mean that it really is free and there is no licence. You can easily get into a trouble.


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