I want an eshop, how do I get started?

The first step is to have a product or set of products. Done? Great, now you need to have business, but you know that. So how to start an e-shop? Basically, you have 2 options.

If your budget is the limit
Choose one of the online e-shop rentals such as Shoptet, its cheap to start and you will be able to check if your product sells. The disadvantage is that you will pay for some features, but it is a great ideal option for the beginning.

Custom solution
If you have a budget then it is often better to start your own custom eshop. You can have your eshop set up to make your shop “tailor-made” to the target group of customers for whom your product should be interesting. In this case, you can get exports feeed to well-known price comparator sites (Google Merchant, Idealo, …), integrate conversion tracking and link data to Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc. You can also connect eshop to your account software and warehouse management.


Which option would you choose?

If you are new in business and you have no plans or experience, but you have an amazing product, start with the first option or, for specific products, think about whether there are better sale channels, for example, for handmade products, you can use Etsy.com.

Change for the option of your custom eshop is always possible, and if you do so with the right team of people, you only make it better.


What should I not forget?

Terms and Conditions

Always ask the user before purchasing to learn about terms of sale, terms of business, and complaints. With this, they have to fully and unreservedly agree upon the completion of the order to avoid unnecessary disputes.



Allow the user the opportunity to view the pricelist prior to the order, avoiding the abandoned basket.


Data collection – customer sign in

When signing in, the user has to give his / her consent to the processing of his / her personal data, mostly by entering his name, surname, e-mail and phone number, etc. From the merchant’s point of view, you should always comply with GDPR or other laws binding to customer’s country.


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