What do we need to start a project?

Do you have a great online project in your mind and you are not sure how to start? At the first meeting, we will meet each other and you will introduce your project to us. Together, we will determine the right direction and, most importantly, everything that will be needed to implement the project.


Project timeline


Successful projects needs a clear assignment that clearly identifies the needs of project’s users and identifies the tools to meet those needs while meeting client’s expectations (conversion actions).

We will analyze the project, analyze the users and target groups, map the processes, determine the ways of measuring the success (goals), prepare the layouts of the web pages, etc. Thanks to all these parts a unique assignment of the project will be created.


Graphic design

We will consider the assignment and all materials to create a suitable logo and / or graphic design that aligns your ideas with the needs of the target groups. We will prepare everything from the design manual (logo, letterhead paper, business card, PF, etc.) to website templates, eshop templates, or UI application elements.



During the preparation of the graphic design we will start with the development of the system and the subsequent connection of graphic templates. For development, we will build on your ideas and choose WordPress (for presentation sites), Prestashop (for e-commerce) or develop over some of the well-known frameworks (eg. Nette Framework, Symfony).


Testing and Deployment

We will deliver the project either as a whole or by pre-arranged milestones (units). We thoroughly test each completed unit together and perform a set of automated tests that will lead to the successful deployment of the project. This is now just a beginning of your projects lifecycle.


Measurement, optimization and management

Going online is just the first step, successful projects need tools to help them determine that they are successful. Therefore, after going live, we will setup and handle conversion tracking, user behavior monitoring, content optimization and layout optimization, etc. We will also take care of updates to improve security, develop new features and ensure your technological growth.


What materials do you need?

Each project is specific, so a lot of things will be different, but the basics remain the same:

  • graphic materials that you already have and want to use
  • information on third parties on who the project will be dependent (eg. SEO analyst, good supplier)
  • contact on your employee who will be responsible for answering our questions and delivering necessary materials
  • project content (texts, pictures, documents)
  • information whether you have a server / web hosting for the project or if we should manage this

Everything else is then the question of a specific project and will depend on the assignment.


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