From France to the world, an internet store of design furniture in Danish and French style.

Design furniture from Marseille, France

GoodObject™ is an online store selling unique furniture and home accessories to clients in France and surrounding countries. These unique pieces come from the works of gifted Danish and French designers.

The client has repeatedly asked us for complete redesign, partial optimization of the project and subsequent development, connection of accounting software, new payment solutions, etc.

Analysis, design and implementation

They placed us in front of a clear assignment, the goal was to optimize eshop on Prestashop 1.5, which had already existed. We have designed a project plan that took several steps.

We first updated Prestashop to a newer version 1.6, then we redesigned the template to a new design, and then we focused on analytics, module updates, basic search engine optimizations, accounting software integration, and others.

Qeaql Studio Design Resource
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In the long-term we provide project updates, continuous development and management of connection to accounting software. As a result, the project expands from Marseille to other cities.