Planet Express Shipping LLC

Get your mailbox address in the US and start shopping in US eshops, get your packages anywhere in the world.

Complete website and application for worldwide shipping from the USA

Planet Express Shipment LLC are experts in transporting almost anything from the USA to the rest of the world for great prices. They came to us with years of experience and the idea of an ambitious project that would put their experience into practice.

PlanetExpress presentation

Analysis and minimal application

From the first moment it was clear that this is a long-term project and we have to divide it properly. For the client, it was crucial to start operations as soon as possible, so we performed the initial analysis.

We were led to define a minimal application framework that allowed us to go online within 5 months.

Planet Express Shipping LLC
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Application, Web and API

From the design of the minimal framework, we have embarked on development, we have prepared an application for receiving, manipulating and sending packages, allowing clients to see their merchandise and enter repackaging, merging packages, and other additional services.

In parallel, we have prepared a new website to present PlanetExpress services to their clients. For clients, we created an API interface to integrate shipping calculation into their own projects (websites, eshops, etc.)

PlanetExpress is simply great

When the project was finally online, the real work just started. We tracked users behavior to improve our app and align it with our users needs and expectations.

Better usability of the application makes it easier for employees to increase conversions.

  • Fully responsive and optimized
  • Web presentation
  • Warehouse system
  • Communication Interface (API)
  • Integration of payment gateways