Cookies are small data files that are necessary for proper site functionality and are therefore sometimes stored on your computer, we store them just like most other major websites (like google).

Cookie files

What are cookies?

Text files that websites store on your computer or mobile device when you start using the site. For a certain time, pages remember tasks/settings you have done, and preferences (such as sign in information, language settings, font sizes, and other display preferences). Thus you do not have to re-enter these settings.


With cookies, many of our pages remember:

  • your display preferences, such as color setting, contrast or font size
  • if you’ve already responded to the polls that you’ve seen so we do not continue to bother you with them
  • whether you have already agreed to the use of cookies on the site

On our site, we also often include video files that use cookies to collect data (from where you came to the video page, which videos you played, where have you stopped last, etc.).

Allowing this type of cookies is not necessary for the functioning of the website, it is just making viewing of this website easier and more enjoyable. These cookies can be erased or blocked, but it may happen that the pages will not function as they are.

Information obtained through cookies is not used for the purposes of your personal identification, and the structure of this information is fully under our control. These cookies are not used for any purpose other than that described herein.

Media files

How to change cookies usage

You can customize cookies by your needs (eg. you can delete it or block it). Detailed information is provided by You can clear all cookies that are already on your computer, and most browsers also offer the option to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer.

Should you use this option, you may need to manually edit some preferences when you visit the site next time, and you can find some third-party services will not work properly.